Annual Garage Sale: September 11

Saturday, September 11 at 7am we will begin our second annual garage sale. We had a great group of people stop by last year and look forward to using this event as a way to introduce people to Morristown Makers.

The sale is open to the public; both as buyers and sellers. You do not have to be a member to participate.

You can read our forum post for the details, but the big things to know are:

  • Bring your own table
  • Be responsible to sell what you bring (don’t dump it off expecting someone else to sell for you)
  • Take home what you don’t sell

The sale will be held in the parking lot of Morristown Makers:

5065 West Andrew Johnson Hwy.
Morristown, TN 37814

We look forward to seeing you at the garage sale on September 11!

Spring Craft Sale

Morristown Makers is having a craft sale! Join us March 12 and 13 as a buyer, seller or both.

March 12 and 13

The event will start at 8 each morning on Friday and Saturday. The sale will feature the works of our Morristown Makers members as well as other crafts people from our community.

If you are needing seasonal home decorating items, you can find them at the sale. There will be items that will look great on your desk at home or in your office. Quilting and fabric crafts will also be featured.

Open to the Public

We welcome anyone who would like to come to the sale as a buyer, there is no need to be a member of the shop. We also extend the invitation to other crafters in the area to come and set up a table for the event.

If you would like to be a part of the sale as a vendor, we have space available at $30 per table. You will need to supply your own table for the weekend. If you plan to come as a seller, or have any questions about the event, please contact Alisha. You can pay for your space using the form below.

This is planned as an indoor event. However, if the weather is amazing, we have space in the parking lot to set up a tent and table if you would like.

Table30.00 USDSpring Craft Sale Vendor
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Member Meeting

January 15, 7p

We are going to have a member meeting at the shop that we would like all our members to attend if possible. This is to give a Morristown Makers update, talk about upcoming events, and discuss ways that members can help the shop.


While we would like to do a “pot luck” meal, we have decided that now is not the right time for that. We will, however, have individually wrapped snacks. The business part of the event shouldn’t take more than an hour. So you can come ready to dine on cellophane wrapped goodness or plan a real meal after.

What to Bring

There is nothing you need to bring other than yourself. You are welcome to bring your spouse/significant other. We have a few new members that you may not have met. This can be a chance for everyone to get to know other people you might bump into at the shop.

This will be Friday January 15 at 7p. If you are not able to make it, please let David or Matthew know. We look forward to seeing you then.

Shop Garage Sale and Fundraiser

August 8, 2020

Join us on August 8th for a garage sale! We will be selling off some duplicate tools. Members are invited to set up a table and sell some of their own crafts and unused tools.

We will be open by 8 in the morning and plan to stay until at least 1:00 in the afternoon.

Shop Fundraiser

This garage sale is being used as a shop fundraiser. If you have any tools you would like to donate, contact us and we will work out a way to get the tools to us for the event.

Members are welcome to sell their own items. This can be crafts, tools or just about anything. There is no fee to set up a table, though you should plan to bring your own table that day.

What to Expect

We already have some tools that have been donated for sale. We will be selling some extra tools that we are not currently using.

Some specialty hardwoods will be sold by the piece or by linear foot. This is a great opportunity to pick up blanks for wood turning.

We expect some members to be selling their own handcrafts.

Spreading the Word

Please help us spread the word about the sale. You can give people the shop address (5065 West Andrew Johnson Hwy) but it is best to tell them to look up Morristown Makers by name on their map program. For some reason the maps have our address tied to the wrong building.

If you need more information for advertising purposes, please contact us and we will supply all the info that we can.

First Anniversary Annoucements

We had a great first anniversary celebration on Friday, February 7th. There were 27 people who showed up at the space to help us mark the event. During our time at the shop we made a few announcements that we highlight here.

Nonprofit Status

Morristown Makers is now an official nonprofit organization. This means that we are now able to receive donations of equipment and money with a tax benefit to the donor. If you or your company would like to help support the mission of Morristown Makers via a monetary contribution, we would be glad to talk with you about how to make that possible.


Our PayPal account has been upgraded to a business account which has two primary benefits: credit cards and recurring payments.

First, we can now take membership payments via credit card. If you don’t have (and don’t want) a PayPal account, then you can pay your membership fee or make a donation directly with a card of your choice.

The second benefit is that membership payments are recurring monthly payments. This is the default option. You can stop the monthly payment by logging in to your PayPal account and taking care of it there. If you want to pay for one month at a time we can work with you on how to do that.

Founding Members

Anyone who has been a member in the previous year or who signs up to be a member between now and the end of February (2020) will be considered a “Founding Member.” This is a way for Morristown Makers to say thank you for helping us get the makerspace off the ground.

The current, tangible benefit to you is that we will give you a shirt that says “Founding Member” on the back. You also get a warm-fuzzy feeling (though that is slightly less tangible).

We would like to do other things in the future to benefit our founding members, but we don’t know what all that means yet. We look to you, the community, to help guide us where we go with this idea.

Friday Open Shops

The final announcement was about our open shop times. Previously we have had a set, monthly open shop time of the fourth Tuesday. The new announcement is that we will now be open every Friday from 7-9 PM. We will need members to help us make this successful. Obviously not everyone will have every Friday open to where they can be at the shop; but, when possible, your presence would be a great benefit to growing the community.

This is a time where the shop is open, free of charge, to the public to come and work on their projects. Maybe you are struggling with how to complete one of your own projects and just need to talk with someone about a few ideas. It is also a chance for people to be introduced to the idea of a makerspace and Morristown Makers.

Thank You

Thank you for helping us through this first year! We have had many wonderful classes, built some fun crafts and learned how to use new tools. We look forward to many more years together growing the maker community in the Morristown area.

We also thank our friends at Knox Makers who have given us good counsel through this process. We were pleased to see a delegation of their members at our anniversary event.

Come on in some Friday evening and see what we are up to. And, if you didn’t make it to the party, you certainly must stop by and see our new sign over the door.

Sign over the door saying Morristown Makers.

First Anniversary Celebration

You are invited to join Morristown Makers on Friday, February 7, as we celebrate our first year of collaborative creativity.

This event is open to the public; those who have visited Morristown Makers, to members, and to those who are checking out the space for the first time. Invite a friend and help us fill up the shop!

The shop will be open from 7 to 9 for you to meet other makers and spend time talking about your creative projects. We will have snacks and soft drinks.

Join us!

Christmas Craft Event

And Party!

Saturday, December 21, we will host an informal Christmas party and craft event. Join us for hot chocolate and Christmas treats while working on a craft.

Some of the crafts we have materials prepared for.

If you are needing help with using one of our tools, we will have people on hand to assist you. Don’t be afraid to tackle a project that may be a little more ambitious because of lack of confidence with a tool. We will be glad to help with the following tools (as well as others we have that you may need):

  • Table Saw
  • Band Saw
  • Router
  • Lathe
  • Laser Cutter
  • 3D Printer
  • Drill or Drill Press
  • And many other tools

Keep in mind that we only have a couple of hours. So don’t try to get too ambitious. 🙂

This event will cost $10 and covers all the materials in the projects we have planned.

Planned Projects

  • Wooden painted or wrapped packages
  • Votive candle holders
  • Wooden snowmen
  • Christmas card tree
  • Quilted wooden star (you have to come just to see what that is about)

We look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Cost: $10

We’ve dropped the fee for this event. Come make a craft or just hang out and eat too much sugar along with us.

Lathe Class Has Been Postponed

The lathe class that was scheduled for Saturday April 27, 2019 had to be postponed. We will make an announcement here and on our Facebook page when we set the new date and time. Thank you for your patience.

The shop will still be open Saturday morning from 10a to 12 noon on Saturday the 27th. Please stop by and visit or bring a project to work on. There is no cost for coming in and working on your project during this open shop time.

April: Upcoming Events

We have two classes and one open workshop night scheduled for the month of April.

Introduction to Arduino Workshop

Are you curious as to how you can use an Arduino in your electronic projects? Come to the class on April 20 and learn how to control LEDs and simple motors using an Arduino.

Arduino development boards are used to power IoT devices, 3D printers and many other new technologies. They can also be used to give new life to old toys and even model train systems.

Lathe Class

On April 27 a local craftsman and duck call maker will teach us the basics of wood turning. We will learn lathe safety, tool setup and everything you need to know in choosing your first lathe. By the end of class each person will get some time to work a piece of wood and become comfortable using this popular tool.

Open Shop Night: April 23

Each month on the 3rd Tuesday we have an open time when anyone is welcome to come hang out and work on a project. The shop will be open from 7p to 9p for you to check out what is going on with the group. Every month we have new people show up during this open time. Make this the month you are our first-time guest.

March: Upcoming Events

March: Upcoming Events

For the month of March we have classes most weeks available for you. Most classes this month will be from 9 to 11 on Saturday mornings.

The public is welcome to stop by any time the shop is open for a class. This is your chance to get introduced to other makers in our community and find out what is going on at Morristown Makers.

March 2: Basic 3D Modeling

Again the 3D modeling class is available. This is for those who would like to get into 3D modeling but need a help getting started. We are using the free online tool called Tinkercad for the class. This tool is simple enough to get a handle on in a 2-hour class, but yet still powerful enough to some amazing modeling.

March 9: Pallet Wood Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder Class

Several people enjoyed building the pallet wood blanket ladder in the month of February. Join us on March 9 for a great opportunity to build this decorative piece that you can use to display your quilts and keep them handy for use on those cold nights.

March 12: Open Shop

From 7p to 9p on Tuesday March 12 the shop will be open for you to stop by and join us for a time of building, tinkering and talking. This is an extra open shop time this month. If you don’t have a project to work on, at least stop in and see what we are all about.

March 16: Hexagonal Shelf

Who couldn’t use another shelf in their house? Here’s your chance to build a hexagonal shelf. After this class you will have a shelf you can proudly display even if you don’t have anything special to put on it. Though a nice jar of honey would feel perfectly at home in this beehive-inspired shelf.

This class will be held from 10-12 in the morning.

March 23: Pallet Wood Bunny

Its official..the groundhog did NOT see his shadow. But that isn’t stopping us from “SPRING-ING” into Easter festivities. Join us for a Saturday morning where we will be creating a pallet wood bunny to put on display this Easter! We can’t wait to see your happy faces on Saturday morning.

March 26: Open Shop

Join us on Tuesday the 26th for our monthly Open Shop night from 7 to 9. This is a time where you can bring in your project and work on it while having other makers around to chat with. Maybe you need help figuring out how to do something in your project; bring it in and see if someone in the community can help you get it closer to completion.