Vinyl Cutting Class

This is a class on how to use a vinyl cutter. While we will focus on using the vinyl cutter at the shop, these concepts are applicable to home or small business machines. No previous experience necessary. There are many different software packages that can be used for controlling a vinyl cutter like this. For […]

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Introductory Welding Class

Welding is a skill that has to be cultivated over time and practice. The purpose of this class is to be a primer that covers the basics needed to develop this skill. You Will Learn What to Bring Who Can Attend Date and Cost The class will start at 12p on Saturday April 1. The […]

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Class: Better Cell Phone Photography

The invention of smartphones has revolutionized the way we capture and share memories. With advanced camera technologies, many of these devices have now become our main tool for digital photography. However, despite the remarkable improvements in mobile camera quality, taking a good photo still requires effort and skill. What You Will Learn In this class […]

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Knife Handling Skills for Kids

Class is Full Stay tuned for a future class date. Would you like your children to learn to confidently use a knife while being assured that they know how to handle it properly? This class aims to help them learn knife skills while putting parents at ease. Who is the class for? This is a […]

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Lathe Class

Interested in learning how to turn wood on a lathe but unsure how to get started? Join Morristown Makers as we have local craftsman Ben “Bear” Lyle teach a class on how to safely set up and use the lathe at our shop. He will also teach what you should look for when shopping for […]

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