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3D Modeling With Tinkercad

Design Files for 3D Printing Whether you are making functional parts to repair a broken drawer handle or making toys for your schoolmates, Tinkercad is a great tool to help you learn how to think in 3 dimensions. Tinkercad is free and easy to learn. Classes Join us at Morristown Makers for a chance to […]

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Class: Preparing Files for 3D Printing

Of the three major steps in 3D printing (creating, slicing and printing), learning to slice 3D files can be the most confusing. This class will help take some of the guesswork out of the process.

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Introductory Welding Class

Welding is a skill that has to be cultivated over time and practice. The purpose of this class is to be a primer that covers the basics needed to develop this skill. You Will Learn What welding is Metal prep and its purpose How a MIG welding machine works Practical experience with a basic joint  […]

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Laser Cutting Class

Come learn how to use our laser cutter! This machine can be used to engrave wood, etch glass, and cut paper. It can also cut various thicknesses of wood, acrylic, and cardboard. What You Will Learn This class will teach you how to use the Morristown Makers’ laser cutter. Create files for the laser cutter […]

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Basic Wood Cutting Class

So, you want to make wood crafts? From crafting, to décor, to building stools or tables, the basics of “sizing” a piece of wood is critical to getting the results you want. Come join us as we review basic woodworking machinery and techniques that will give you the skills necessary to take larger lumber down […]

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Annual Garage Sale: September 11

Saturday, September 11 at 7am we will begin our second annual garage sale. We had a great group of people stop by last year and look forward to using this event as a way to introduce people to Morristown Makers. The sale is open to the public; both as buyers and sellers. You do not […]

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Spring Craft Sale

Morristown Makers is having a craft sale! Join us March 12 and 13 as a buyer, seller or both. March 12 and 13 The event will start at 8 each morning on Friday and Saturday. The sale will feature the works of our Morristown Makers members as well as other crafts people from our community. […]

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Member Meeting

January 15, 7p We are going to have a member meeting at the shop that we would like all our members to attend if possible. This is to give a Morristown Makers update, talk about upcoming events, and discuss ways that members can help the shop. Food While we would like to do a “pot […]

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