CNC Basics Class

The CNC router can be produce amazing work. But, it can also be an intimidating tool because of the software component of using the machine. And, if you hate computers, then this is probably not the class or tool for you. There is no getting around the fact that you must use a computer to control this Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine.

In this class you will learn how to control the CNC router, how to create files for it and how to send those files to the machine. This is a basic class, but it is recommended that the student read about how CNC machines work, or watch a few videos. Resources will be listed below. This is a tool that requires study and practice. If you are not willing to put in the work, you will not see the results you want.

Class Date and Time

Class will be at Morristown Makers from 10a to Noon on Saturday, January 6.

Things You Will Learn

  • Using Easel to design cut files and how to control the CNC
  • Discussion about other software that may be used
  • Work holding options

Before Class

Like using a laser or 3D printer, the CNC router will require a good amount of practice, patience and learning to get right. It is recommended that you plan to practice on small jobs before tackling an important project.

Cost: $25

If you are a member coming to the class, please send us a text or email to let us know. Otherwise use the PayPal form below to register for class. You must choose how many people you are buying a ticket for before you click the Pay Now button.

CNC Router Class25.00 USDJanuary 6: 10a to Noon
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Basic Sewing Class

Basic Sewing Class

Want to learn to sew? An accomplished quilter will teach you how to thread your machine and get started with putting fabric together.

Who Should Attend?

This is a beginner level class. If you feel awkward, or maybe even scared, around a sewing machine, this class is for you.

You Will Learn

  • Threading your machine
  • Adjusting tension
  • Different needle types
  • Stitch variations

What to Bring?

If you have a machine (no matter how old or what its condition is), bring it along and learn how to set it up. If it isn’t working, we will see what we can do to repair it.

However, you do not need to have your own machine to attend and benefit from the class. We will have a couple of extra machines available.

September 9

The next class will be September 9, 2023 from 10 in the morning until noon. You can register for the class using the PayPal link below.

Cost: $25

Quantity:Name:Price:Basic Sewing Class:
Basic Sewing Class25.00 USDSeptember 9: 10a to 12p
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Picture Frame Class

Join our exciting and informative “How to Make Wooden Picture Frames” class and learn how to use a simple jig to craft wooden picture frames. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll use a specialized jig to quickly cut picture frames of varying sizes. The class will consist of cutting the frame parts and skills and techniques to assemble the frames in order to showcase your memories and artwork.

Skills That Will Be Learned

  • Selecting the right wood.
  • Measuring, cutting and assembling the frames.
  • Creating seamless corners

Who Should Attend

Whether you’re a beginner or have some prior woodworking experience, this class is designed to accommodate all skill levels.

What to Bring

We provide all the necessary tools and materials, ensuring a hassle-free learning experience. Come and enjoy time with other members of the community as you learn to craft a unique handmade wooden picture frame that will display your cherished memories for years to come.

Cost: $30

Please pay using the PayPal link below. If you are a member and plan to come to class, please let us know so we can prepare for the right number of people.

Quantity:Name:Price:Next Class:
Picture Frame Class30.00 USDJuly 8, 2023: 10a-12p
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Class: Better Cell Phone Photography

The invention of smartphones has revolutionized the way we capture and share memories. With advanced camera technologies, many of these devices have now become our main tool for digital photography. However, despite the remarkable improvements in mobile camera quality, taking a good photo still requires effort and skill.

What You Will Learn

In this class we will explore the best practices for getting better photos with a cell phone camera. From understanding the basics of composition, lighting, and image editing, we will learn new ways to elevate your cell phone camera game.

My aim is to help optimize your smartphone camera capabilities and create stunning images that capture life’s most cherished moments, as well as product photography to set your photos above your competitors.

Who The Class Is For

Anyone. Those younger than 19 must be accompanied by an adult (someone 19 or older).

What to Bring

Smartphone & Smiles

Cost: $20

Register for Class

You may pre-pay for the class to secure your spot by using the Pay Now button below. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use a credit card. Of course, if you have a PayPal account, you may use that.

Completing your payment below is all that is needed to secure your place in the class.

Quantity:Name:Price:Next Class Date:
Photography Class20.00 USDSaturday March 25: 10a-Noon
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Knife Handling Skills for Kids

Class is Full

Stay tuned for a future class date.

Would you like your children to learn to confidently use a knife while being assured that they know how to handle it properly?

This class aims to help them learn knife skills while putting parents at ease.

Who is the class for?

This is a beginner level class intended for children 12 and younger along with their parents. No previous knife-handling experience necessary. However, if you don’t think your child is ready to handle a knife, then it is better to wait until they (and you) are ready.

Your child will learn how to safely use a knife for basic cutting tasks. The class is primarily focused on outdoor knife use; however, we will also talk about some basic kitchen knife skills.

We will spend time learning to sharpen a blade as well.

What to bring?

We will have knives of various sizes and styles to work with. However, please bring the knife that you would like your child to learn how to use.

  • A knife (or two, or three)
  • Any sharpening stone/equipment you have that you want to learn to use
  • Any safety equipment (finger guards, cut proof gloves) that you have for your child
  • A parent or guardian for each child in the class

Registration fee: $20 for the first child. $10 for any additional children in the same family.

Class size limited to 5 children.

Because the number of participants is so limited, please contact the teacher (David Peach) directly with an email to see if there is still space and to get payment information.

Day and Time

Wednesday, September 14. 10a to Noon.


Morristown Makers is most easily found by typing our name into your mapping program. The map will bring you to the correct location. While the address is provided below, your map may not bring you to the correct building.

Morristown Makers
5065 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy.
Morristown, TN 37814

Lathe Class

Interested in learning how to turn wood on a lathe but unsure how to get started? Join Morristown Makers as we have local craftsman Ben “Bear” Lyle teach a class on how to safely set up and use the lathe at our shop. He will also teach what you should look for when shopping for your first lathe.

The class will be held from 7p to 9p on Friday evening, July 8 at the Morristown Makers shop.

Who should attend?

This class is for the woodworker who is new to wood turning, or for those who may have some experience, but want help in knowing what type of lathe to buy for their own purposes. Ben will also talk about various types of wood turning projects that can be done.

This class is available for ages 10 and up. Attendees 10 to 18 need to have a parent present. When registering just pay for the student.

Skills you will learn

  • Woodturning Capabilities
  • Lathe Anatomy (Headstock, Spindle, Tailstock, Tool Rest)
  • Lathe Setup
  • Workholding
  • Lathe Chisels
  • Tool Sharpening (grinding vs honing)
  • Spindle Speeds
  • Blank Preparation

To give you an idea of what will be taught in class, you can visit Ben’s website where he gives a more in-depth description of the class. He also gives specific lathe recommendations and tool suggestions for buying your first wood turning complement.

What to bring

We will have safety glasses available. If you have your own that you would prefer to wear, you may want to bring those.

Other than that, bring your own enthusiasm and questions.

Cost: $35

Lathe Class35.00 USDJuly 8: 7p to 9p
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Laser Cutting Class

Come learn how to use our laser cutter! This machine can be used to engrave wood, etch glass, and cut paper. It can also cut various thicknesses of wood, acrylic, and cardboard.

What You Will Learn

This class will teach you how to use the Morristown Makers’ laser cutter.

  • Create files for the laser cutter using
  • Use the machine safely
  • Adjust the speed and power of the laser


This class is for anyone who wants to learn to use the laser to engrave or cut various projects. Adults and young people 13 and up are welcome to come to the class but we ask that a parent or guardian be with anyone under the age of 19.

What To Bring

There is nothing you are required to bring to the class. However, if you bring your own computer, we can make sure the software is set up correctly so that you can do your projects from your own machine. Otherwise you can see how to control the laser using the shop computer.

Cost: $20

Quantity:Name:Price:Next Class Date:
Laser Cutter Class20.00 USDMarch 27: 10a to 12p
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3D Printer Class: March 6

While 3D printing is an exciting new technology that has become much cheaper and accessible to the maker market, it still requires a bit of knowledge on how to create and prepare files for printing. This class is focused on the preparation of 3D files for the printing process. We will also cover how to start a print on a typical consumer-level 3D printer.


The first part of the class will be focused on “slicing” the files. Whether you download files from the internet or create them yourself, you will have to slice them before printing. You will learn to use software called Cura to cut the files into each of the layers required for printing.

Since each printer needs a different set of parameters and each model can be printed with various settings to get the desired result, slicing can be confusing to someone new to 3D printing. This class will help take some of the confusion out of the process and help you learn how to prepare files for the printer at the shop.

Preparing the Printer

After we learn some of the important settings for slicing a file for printing, we will actually set up a print and get it started on the printer at the shop. While we are going over the settings for our printer, we will also try to cover enough general cases so that you can apply the information to other printers you have available to you.

Who is the class for?

  • Those who have (or have access to) a 3D printer and have questions as to why some models print well and others don’t.
  • Those who are thinking about getting into 3D printing.
  • Those who would like to use the Morristown Makers printer to create models.
  • Anyone curious about the process of 3D printing but not sure you understand the process.

Any age is welcome to attend. We ask that young people, ages 18 and younger, have an adult present with them.

What to bring

You do not need to bring anything to class. However, if you want help setting up your slicing software on your computer, bring it along and we can make sure it is working properly for you. You might want to download Cura before you come to class.

We will be using Cura for this class, but if you are using a different slicer and have questions, we would be happy to help you figure out how to make yours do what you need.

Cost: $20

Quantity:Name:Price:Next Class Date:
Preparing Files for 3D Printing20.00 USDMay 14, 2022: 10a to 12p
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Sewing Class: Cutting

This sewing class builds on the basics we learned in the previous class. This time we will continue to practice our sewing skills but add information about cutting material down to the sizes you need for your project.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Cutting fabric
  • Machine setup
  • Cutting tool options and use

Who Should Attend

This is still a basic sewing class; therefore, it is appropriate for anyone who feels like they need a bit more instruction before being turned loose on a machine by themselves. Or, you may be curious about how to sew but have never even tried it. This class is for you.

You do not have to have attended the previous class to attend this one.

What to Bring

Bring a sewing machine if you have one available to you. We will try to have an extra machine or two, but our preference would be that you practice on the machine you will actually be using at home. If your machine does not work, or does not work well, bring it along and we will try to help you get it up and running.

If your machine does not run, send us an email or a message through our contact form and we will see if we can get together for a short time before class to get everything working properly before class begins.

Cost: $25

Sewing Class: Cutting25.00 USDNovember 14: 7-9p
Your eTicket will be emailed to your email address after payment.
3D Printing Class: Preparing the Machine

3D Printing Class: Preparing the Machine

This is the third class in our three-class series on 3D printing. While it is helpful to have attended the slicing class, it is not necessary.

What You Will Learn

This class is focused on the machine setup side of 3D printing. You will learn:

  • How to level the bed
  • How to prepare the print surface (glue, tape, slurry, hairspray, etc)
  • How to load or change filament
  • How to load a file for printing
  • Troubleshooting through each of the steps

Who Should Attend

3D printer at Morristown Makers

Certainly if you have taken the design and slicing classes previously, you will want to learn this final step in the printing process. However, you can come to this class and learn this critical part of the process without having attended the previous classes.

While we will use the Morristown Makers’ printer for this class, almost all of these steps will be similar on any other filament-based 3D printer. If you have access to another machine that you are wanting to learn how to use, this class will be a great benefit to you.

Note: We will not be talking about resin-based printing or laser-sintering machines.

What To Bring

There is nothing required for this class other than a willingness to learn how 3D printing works. You won’t even need hearing protection or safety glasses for this activity.

Cost: $20

Quantity:Name:Price:Next Class Date::
Preparing the 3D Printer20.00 USDNovember 8: 7-9p
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