Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a member at Morristown Makers. We are interested in building a community of like minded makers.


We have two levels of monthly membership.

Member: $50 monthly

A member gets 24/7 access to the space and is welcome to use the tools that they have completed training to use. Members can vote on issues that are presented to the general membership of the makerspace. They also get discounts to any classes being offered during their membership.

To join as a member you need to attend at least two of our open meetings or class events. This gives us a chance to meet you and you can get any of your questions answered. Then you will fill out a membership application and liability waiver.

You can read more about the benefits and requirements of membership in our Member Agreement document.

Supported Member: $30

A supported member is someone who is sponsored by a regular member. They need to have their sponsoring member present to access the space. However, if any member is present and willing to host the supported member, they are welcome to use the space while the full member is present and still willing to host the supported member.

The process for joining is the same as for members: attend two regular meetings or events, fill out a membership application and liability waiver.

More information can be found in our Member Agreement.


Members and supported members should pay their fee by the 5th of each month. This can be done via PayPal below or by bringing cash or check to a member of the Morristown Makers board.