I. Membership Levels and Dues

Morristown Makers currently offers two levels of membership. Dues for each membership level and benefits thereof may be changed at any time by the board of Morristown Makers. Dues should be paid by the 5th of each month, or the first meeting of the month, if possible. Dues can be paid via PayPal on our Membership page or by cash or check at the regular meetings.

Membership: A member is entitled to any member discounts on classes and tool use. members have full makerspace access and may obtain an RFID key to give them 24/7 access to the makerspace. In addition, members are entitled to store personal items in a storage locker (should these be available), vote on all issues brought to a vote of membership as well as to vote for board members. Members who have been continuous members for the past 6 months as of the time of a board election may run for a position on the board.

Supported Member: A supported member is sponsored by a full member. Supported members may access and use the makerspace during designated open hours or if accompanied by a member. A supported member will not be issued an access card and does not have use of a storage locker. A supported member is required to pay for classes.

Dues: Currently, dues for members are $50 per month. Dues for a supported member are $30 per month.

However, recognizing that these dues could be out of reach for some, the board may consider reduced dues in the case of individuals for whom the full dues would be a substantial financial burden.

Working Memberships: The board may, from time to time, create working memberships that will allow members to avoid some or all of their monthly dues by providing service in lieu of payment. One such position is the Space Manager, who will generally be responsible for managing and maintaining the space. All such positions will be appointed by the board; however, anyone in such a position may be removed by a two­-thirds vote of the membership.

Dedicated Workspace: The board may allow for members to rent dedicated workspace within the makerspace if it becomes available. This space will be reserved for the sole use of the member renting it or those who have the permission of the member renting it. Anyone interested should contact a board member.

II. Waiver of Liability

All members must sign a waiver of liability and, if the member is under 18, the waiver must also be signed by a parent or legal guardian. No membership will be considered active until a waiver of liability has been completed.

III. Minors

Part of the mission of Morristown Makers is to encourage young people and to educate the next generation of Makers. However, due to the nature of the equipment in the makerspace, minors (younger than age 18) may not be in the makerspace unless accompanied by an adult, and for this reason, minors cannot be given a key to access the building.

IV. Use of Tools

The makerspace contains tools that may be dangerous if used improperly. In addition, many of these tools can be damaged or broken if used improperly. All members agree that they will follow ALL tool use rules, and in particular, will not use ANY tools for which they are not authorized. A member is responsible for replacing, or reimbursing the cost of tools if they break or damage them through misuse or abuse.

V. Conduct

Morristown Makers is an open, collaborative makerspace which encourages community growth by working together to improve and promote individual skills, talents, and abilities with the hope of realizing our fullest individual and collective potential. As such, all interactions should remain positive and seek the best of all parties involved.

All members are expected to conduct themselves in a considerate manner, practice safety in and around the makerspace, follow all rules of Morristown Makers, and behave with integrity.

We are not​ a political or religious organization. We welcome people of all faiths and political affiliations. However, we ask that you do not try to impose your views on others or discredit their views while at the makerspace or engaged in an official activity of Morristown Makers.

Any disputes between members should be brought to the attention of the Space Manager. If there is no Space Manager at the time, or if the Space Manager is a party to the dispute, the dispute should be brought directly to the board. The Space Manager may attempt to resolve the dispute or send it directly to the board. Any decisions by the Space Manager may be appealed to the board. Decisions by the board will be final.

VI. Cleanliness and Storage

Remember that this is a shared space; you are required to clean up after yourself.

  • ­Clean all tools and put them away when you are finished using them.
  • Throw your trash away and put recyclables in the recycling bin.
  • ­Clean up any mess you make.
  • Projects and personal tools/materials should be taken home, or they may be left in the storage area if you have one.

If you want to leave a project at the space and it will not be left in a storage space for some reason, you must get permission from the Space Manager. The Space Manager may provide accommodation if a project is being actively ​worked on. Projects should be clearly labeled with your name and contact information as well as an anticipated completion date, and regular progress reports should be provided to the Space Manager.

If insufficient progress is being made on a project, or the space it is occupying is needed for any reason, you may be asked to take your project home.

VII. Requirements for Membership

Anyone interested in joining the Morristown Makers should attend at least two regular meetings or events prior to joining. Once a prospective member has satisfied the above requirement, they will submit a signed membership application and liability waiver. The board will, at the next regularly scheduled meeting, determine if the new member will be admitted. If the applicant is accepted all relevant documents, fees, dues, procedures, etc. will be finalized.

However, in the event a prospective member is unable to attend the regular meetings due to work or other conflicts, the prospective member may meet with at least two board members (together or separately) on one or more occasions. These board members may make a case for why the prospective member should be granted membership even without fulfilling the requirement of attending two regular meetings.

VIII. Suspension or Revocation of Membership

Membership may be revoked at any time, without warning, and without cause, by a vote of three-­fifths of the board, or three-­fourths of members who have been members for at least 90 days. Any member whose membership is suspended or revoked will be entitled to receive, within 30 days, a pro rata portion of any dues that have been paid for the month in which the suspension or revocation occurs as well as any dues paid in advance for future months.

Actions that could lead to suspension or revocation of membership could include, but are in no way limited to:

  • ­failure to pay dues in a timely manner;
  • ­engaging in behavior that endangers one’s self, others, or the equipment or physical premises of Morristown Makers;
  • ­engaging in unethical behavior (e.g. theft, harassment);
  • ­behaving in an intolerant or uncivil manner; or
  • ­violation of the rules of Morristown Makers, including the rules governing tool use.

While there is no requirement that a warning of any sort be provided prior to the suspension or revocation of membership, the board may choose to provide a warning at its own discretion.

IX. Guests

The regular meetings are open to members and non-members, and we encourage members to bring interested guests. We also encourage members to give tours to non-­members who stop by if they feel comfortable doing so. However, please exercise good judgment; if you are there alone, it is late at night, or you feel uncomfortable for any reason, simply ask the person to come back for one of the open regular meetings. No member is required to open the door for any other member or purpose (visitors, deliveries, etc.). The Space Manager’s phone number can be given to anyone needing information.

Members may also bring guests to the makerspace at other times, with the following provisos.

  1. The hosting member must be present with the guest at all times​.
  2. The hosting member is completely responsible ​for the guest, including ensuring that the guest abides by all rules of Morristown Makers. This means that the hosting member is responsible for any damage done by the guest, any costs incurred and unpaid by the guest, and the behavior of the guest.
  3. The hosting member must ensure that guests sign a waiver of liability​ prior to spending time in the makerspace.

Due to these obligations, members must exercise discretion in bringing guests to the makerspace outside of the regular meetings.

Any member who admits a non­-member to the makerspace outside of the regular meetings will be considered to be hosting that individual as a guest in the makerspace.

X. Cameras and Publicity

The shop is equipped with cameras that operate and record audio and video 24/7. There should be no expectation of privacy while at the makerspace.

Sometimes while promoting learning, instruction, or the space in general, pictures and video may be published to any of the various social media outlets. If you are uncomfortable for any reason with this arrangement please reconsider applying for membership. If any member is working on a project that they do not wish to be publicized, they need to let a board member and/or the Space Manager know so that accommodations can be made if possible. The member must realize that they are working in an open workshop and privacy is not guaranteed.

XI. Amendments to this Agreement

This agreement may be amended without notice by the board of Morristown Makers. Members and supported members will be considered to have agreed to any amendments to this agreement upon receiving notice thereof. Such notice may be given verbally at the regular meetings, through a posting on the website, or such other means as the board deems appropriate.

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