This is the third class in our three-class series on 3D printing. While it is helpful to have attended the slicing class, it is not necessary.

What You Will Learn

This class is focused on the machine setup side of 3D printing. You will learn:

  • How to level the bed
  • How to prepare the print surface (glue, tape, slurry, hairspray, etc)
  • How to load or change filament
  • How to load a file for printing
  • Troubleshooting through each of the steps

Who Should Attend

3D printer at Morristown Makers

Certainly if you have taken the design and slicing classes previously, you will want to learn this final step in the printing process. However, you can come to this class and learn this critical part of the process without having attended the previous classes.

While we will use the Morristown Makers’ printer for this class, almost all of these steps will be similar on any other filament-based 3D printer. If you have access to another machine that you are wanting to learn how to use, this class will be a great benefit to you.

Note: We will not be talking about resin-based printing or laser-sintering machines.

What To Bring

There is nothing required for this class other than a willingness to learn how 3D printing works. You won’t even need hearing protection or safety glasses for this activity.

Cost: $20

Quantity:Name:Price:Next Class Date::
Preparing the 3D Printer20.00 USDNovember 8: 7-9p
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