January 15, 7p

We are going to have a member meeting at the shop that we would like all our members to attend if possible. This is to give a Morristown Makers update, talk about upcoming events, and discuss ways that members can help the shop.


While we would like to do a “pot luck” meal, we have decided that now is not the right time for that. We will, however, have individually wrapped snacks. The business part of the event shouldn’t take more than an hour. So you can come ready to dine on cellophane wrapped goodness or plan a real meal after.

What to Bring

There is nothing you need to bring other than yourself. You are welcome to bring your spouse/significant other. We have a few new members that you may not have met. This can be a chance for everyone to get to know other people you might bump into at the shop.

This will be Friday January 15 at 7p. If you are not able to make it, please let David or Matthew know. We look forward to seeing you then.

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