We had a great first anniversary celebration on Friday, February 7th. There were 27 people who showed up at the space to help us mark the event. During our time at the shop we made a few announcements that we highlight here.

Nonprofit Status

Morristown Makers is now an official nonprofit organization. This means that we are now able to receive donations of equipment and money with a tax benefit to the donor. If you or your company would like to help support the mission of Morristown Makers via a monetary contribution, we would be glad to talk with you about how to make that possible.


Our PayPal account has been upgraded to a business account which has two primary benefits: credit cards and recurring payments.

First, we can now take membership payments via credit card. If you don’t have (and don’t want) a PayPal account, then you can pay your membership fee or make a donation directly with a card of your choice.

The second benefit is that membership payments are recurring monthly payments. This is the default option. You can stop the monthly payment by logging in to your PayPal account and taking care of it there. If you want to pay for one month at a time we can work with you on how to do that.

Founding Members

Anyone who has been a member in the previous year or who signs up to be a member between now and the end of February (2020) will be considered a “Founding Member.” This is a way for Morristown Makers to say thank you for helping us get the makerspace off the ground.

The current, tangible benefit to you is that we will give you a shirt that says “Founding Member” on the back. You also get a warm-fuzzy feeling (though that is slightly less tangible).

We would like to do other things in the future to benefit our founding members, but we don’t know what all that means yet. We look to you, the community, to help guide us where we go with this idea.

Friday Open Shops

The final announcement was about our open shop times. Previously we have had a set, monthly open shop time of the fourth Tuesday. The new announcement is that we will now be open every Friday from 7-9 PM. We will need members to help us make this successful. Obviously not everyone will have every Friday open to where they can be at the shop; but, when possible, your presence would be a great benefit to growing the community.

This is a time where the shop is open, free of charge, to the public to come and work on their projects. Maybe you are struggling with how to complete one of your own projects and just need to talk with someone about a few ideas. It is also a chance for people to be introduced to the idea of a makerspace and Morristown Makers.

Thank You

Thank you for helping us through this first year! We have had many wonderful classes, built some fun crafts and learned how to use new tools. We look forward to many more years together growing the maker community in the Morristown area.

We also thank our friends at Knox Makers who have given us good counsel through this process. We were pleased to see a delegation of their members at our anniversary event.

Come on in some Friday evening and see what we are up to. And, if you didn’t make it to the party, you certainly must stop by and see our new sign over the door.

Sign over the door saying Morristown Makers.

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