The Tinkercad classes went very well this weekend. Thank you to everyone who came to the class and asked great questions. The teacher (me) even learned some new tricks.


Tinkercad includes lessons inside the website where they walk you through some of the basics. What I showed in class were what Tinkercad calls lessons; however, they also have a projects section. The projects are much more complex, but working through one or two will help you understand more of the proper order of operations that I mentioned in class.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts paper that I handed out in class can be found on the official Tinkercad page about shortcuts. They occasionally update the PDF on that page so that you can find the most up-to-date shortcuts there.

Video Tutorials

There is one set of tutorials that I saw when I was first trying to learn Tinkercad that helped me understand some of the more advanced techniques. Below you will find the first lesson in that 7 video series.

During class we talked about the codeblock editor inside of Tinkercad just a little. This gives you more control on going back and changing your designs without having to deconstruct the item. Below is a video that gives a brief overview of how this works. I included Chuck’s video because he is as YouTuber that I enjoy watching, but it may not be the best video on the subject. So here is a link to a group of videos about the codeblock editor inside of Tinkercad.

Again, thank you to everyone who came to class and made this class a success!

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