Jefferson City Public Library has a subscription to Make: magazine.

If you are not familiar with Make: then you certainly will enjoy the flipping through the pages and getting great ideas for your next projects. Most of their articles can be found for free on their website (along with more details in some cases). However, having all the projects in a magazine format that you can scan easily helps you see which ones you might want to investigate further.

Make: certainly focuses more on technology crafts than traditional. But so many of their projects are a marrying of the two types of DIY.

If you don’t have a Jefferson County Public Library System card then you should certainly consider signing up. You are welcome to read their magazines in the library without needing a card. Jefferson County does not (at least the last time I checked) require that you be a Jefferson County resident to get a card. You just have to live reasonably close to one of the 4 libraries in their system.

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