Here are some links that might help you in learning more about building foam board airplanes. These are some of the things mentioned in class as well as extra resources that will help you in building other planes.

For the most part these are resources that will help you in building Flite Test plans. However, many of the skills learned in printing and building their planes will be useful when building other models out of foam board.

Printing Plans

Printing the plans can sometimes be difficult to get right. I have found that these instructions by SP0NZ always work for me. SP0NZ, by the way, is the guy who did the layout work for many of the planes that Flite Test creates.

Making Templates

You can also read the article that Josh mentioned at their website on how to make the templates.

FT Trainer

The FT Tiny Trainer is the plane we built in class. You can download the plans from the linked page by going to the “resources” tab in the middle of the page. You can get some written instructions on the build process from their website. Also the build video can be seen below.

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