Friday night, February 1, Morristown Makers had our first public event. It was well attended and we met some wonderfully passionate people in the community. Thank you to everyone who came!

3D Printer and Game Cabinet

We showed off some of our projects and actually worked on a few of them when we weren’t talking. The 3D printer was cranking away all evening making various things to give away to whomever was standing there at the time it finished. There were examples of pallet wood crafting with some beautiful vinyl cut lettering. A small group was engaged in sewing and origami for the entire 4 hour event. And before the night was over, a piano bench was repaired and ready to go back into service.

We got feedback from the public that was very helpful. We also talked about our upcoming classes on building a pallet wood blanket ladder and doing 3D design.

We had such a great time that we are doing this meet and greet again on Saturday morning February 9. If you missed our first event, or want to join us again, we will be open from 9a to 1p that Saturday.

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