Teacher, please send me an email with a description of your class in the following format (or as much of it as applies to the class). This will help in updating the website and keeps me from frustrating you by asking a dozen questions to get a class description written.

If you have any pictures of the finished project or the project in progress that could go with the online class description, send them along as well.


Intro paragraph (or two)

Who is the class for

  • Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced woodworker/seamstress/programmer, etc.
  • Age
  • How many the class can accommodate

Skills that will be learned


  • Table saw
  • Rabbet joinery
  • Speed square
  • Hand plane
  • Glass cutting

What to bring (if anything)

Cost of the class

Thank you for your help in writing a good description for your class. This will help us promote your class better.